Hitchhikers and Appetizers

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Back From The Future With Zinn Skenektikus Gardeen The 6000th

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(Season 3 starts Wednesday, August 18th 2021)

An improvised podcast based in, and expanding on the world of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The podcast is created by Mike Gorgone and Bran Peacock and is part of the Improv in Action Network.

Join Trellis Gardeen and Horatio Zinn in their quest to keep eating and drinking for free at Millyways by interviewing the various beings dining there. Trellis discovered an error in the Guide’s reimbursement submission system and as long as an entertainment receipt is submitted with a Guide entry the reimbursement is automatically approved!

So it’s life in the buffet-lane as long as they can keep talking diners into joining them in booth 42.

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Season 2 Season 1

Season 2 Episodes

HA! S2E1 – Not Your Standard Ffeeee


Ffeeee is a repo man from Scantron II, a world where all decisions are made by the taking of standardized tests, and he’s looking for the Great Answer Key. Thank you to our guest Andy Livengood for playing!

HA! S2E2 – Facilitating Good Times With Chandelier


Chandelier is a Good Time Facilitator from Pleasurinda VI where they believe in survival of the prettiest. Thank you to our guest Alrinthea Carter for playing!

HA! S2E3 – Engineering Empathy with Ko FEE


Ko FEE is an empathic engineer from the planet Dioretika in the Gestalt Nebula who gets in touch with our feelings. Thank you to our guest Joe Bill for playing!

HA! S2E4 – A Lunchbox For Sessil Smabe


Sessil Smabe takes a break from proudly delivering thank you notes on her home planet of Niptune to have a cozy chat [with us] about lunchboxes and eclairs. Thank you to our guest Kate Murphy for playing!

HA! S2E5 – Martia Larts: In Search Of Something More Interesting


Martia Larts has taken himself away from the planet Calgon in search of ideas for making it a more interesting tourist destination. Thank you to our guest Bill Arnett for playing!

HA! S2E6 – Havin’ A Party With Whasighah


Whasighah is from the party planet Flopeera where everyone has multiple mouths, each with a different personality. Thank you to our guest Jackie Uweh for playing!

HA! S2E7 – Frangipan Blarkarwarnilum


Frangipan Blarkarwarnilum is a telepathic technologist from the planet Notax (formerly in the Quark Vortex Chasm) where they accidentally steal your ideas and sell the resulting technology to you. Thank you to our guest Adam Lowe for playing!

HA! S2E8 – Suhlayuh Merikantha


Suhlayuh Merikantha is an astral projectionist from the planet Plarb who brings tales of life in the cul de sac of the universe. Thank you to our guest Rebecca Sohn for playing!

HA! S2E9 – Chumway Funkenhauser The Third


Chumway Funkenhauser The Third from somewhere in the Dunlop System is looking for something to sort of melt his brain. Thank you to our guest Joe Canale for playing!

HA! S2E10 – The Judgement Of Ethelexia


Ethelexia comes from the Judgemental planet of Mertikewl in search of keychains to barter. Thank you to our guest Celeste Pechous for playing!

HA! S2E11 – Termin Feckin vs. The Machines


Termin Feckin is from a planet whose old-fashioned procreation industry is being threatened by mechanization. Thank you to our guest Neal Curran for playing!

HA! S2E12 – An Emotional Display By FeFeelya Monk


FeFeelya Monk comes from the planet Hylonimo where everyone literally wears their emotions on their sleeves. Thank you to our guest Robyn Lynne Norris for playing!

HA! S2E13 – Brushy Paints It Real


Brushy is from a planet where most anything they paint becomes real. Thank you to our guest Liz Allen for playing!

HA! S2E14 – Here And Now, For Now, with Thomas The Eternal


We attempt to match wits with an all-knowing being named Thomas The Eternal who can manipulate space and time. Thank you to our guest Michael Astraukas for playing!

HA! S2E15 – Back From The Future With Zinn Skenektikus Gardeen The 6000th


Zinn Skenektikus Gardeen The 6000th sort of returns from the future to update us on what’s happening in the civilization that arises after this universe ends… a civilization where your not so humble hosts are worshipped as gods. Thank you (again!) to our guest Jim Karwisch for playing!

Season 2 Season 1

Season 1 Episodes

HA! S1E1 – Meet Trellis and Horatio


Due to a lack of interested guests, your hosts Trellis Gardeen and Horatio Zinn interview each other. We loved playing with ourselves!!!

HA! S1E2 – Making Bad Decisions with Sentinel 6


Sentinel Six from the semi-planet Junctionarian tells us of his mission to help others to make bad decisions. Thank you to our guest Shad Kunkle for playing!

HA! S1E3 – Facing Backwards with Frisk


Frisk is from the planet Ohweeoh where they walk backwards to go forward so they can see where they’ve been. Thank you to our guest Landon Lee Kirksey for playing!

HA! S1E4 – Getting Comfy with Ted


Our guest Ted brings with her tales of comfort from her home planet of Sealyposturpediarama. Thank you to our guest Nicky Margolis for playing!

HA! S1E5 – Bart Haaahm AKA The Haaaahmurr


Bounty hunter Bart Haaahm from the LT Galaxy stops by in the midst of his ongoing pursuit of Carnies from the planet Carn. Thank you to our guest Jay Sukow for playing!

HA! S1E6 – Oskosh & Begosh


We meet Oshkosh, his son Begosh, and their ancestors who all share the same body, as is the way on their home planet of Cardigan. Thank you to our guest Adrian Hanson for playing!

HA! S1E7 – Practicing Happiness with The Scofflaw


We get to know an outlaw from the Unincorporated District Planet whose current alias is The Scofflaw. Thank you to our guest Joey Bland for playing!

HA! S1E8 – Talking in Co-centric Circles with Audromitron Parsley


Audromitron, “Audro”, Parsley takes a break from her vacation to charm and fluster your ignoble hosts with details of her home planet of Heptra where life is based in co-centric circles. Thank you to our guest Kate Duffy for playing!

HA! S1E9 – Dan, the Floating Grey Skull


From the soul ooze of the Collective Hive Mind planet comes a lonely floating grey skull named Dan who wants make friends. Thank you to our guest Jack Peeples for playing!

HA! S1E10 – Temporarily George Washington


“George Washington” tells us of his home world, Cosplaytorium, where they base their entire culture on a different theme every month. Thank you to our guest Jonathan Pitts for playing!

HA! S1E11 – Defusing Fun with Borazon Blokz


Borazon Blokz tells us about his very serious home world of Partee II and his efforts to prevent it from succumbing to the same fate as Partee I. Thank you to our guest Dave Hill for playing!

HA! S1E12 – Positively Positivitus Rexus


She’s a lizard lady from The Basket Of Imperium and when she’s not ceremoniously tearing men apart who accidentally happen upon her planet, she’s travelling the universe trying to “borrow” their DNA to further her species.

HA! S1E13 – Ed of Passivo VII


Ed comes from Passivo VII a planet he’d rather no outsiders visit. Thank you to our guest Nick Armstrong for playing!

HA! S1E14 – Glorpston Loves Frogball!


We spend time with Glorpston “Glorpston” Glorpston, a noted writer of notes and dedicated Frogball fan from the planet Shumptau. Thank you to our guest Andy St. Clair for playing!

HA! S1E15 – Zinn Skenektikus Gardeen the 3000th


Zinn Skenektikus Gardeen The 3000th comes from the universe that will arise after our universe. It turns out that we’re a pretty big deal there. Thank you to our guest Jim Karwisch for playing!

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