Monika Ozdarska

Monika Ozdarska is a Polish improviser living in Warsaw Poland. She has been improvising since the beginning of 2012 and has spent time learning with over 80 international teachers. She is regularly performing and teaching improvisers as well as using applied improv for corporate development. Monika has taught in Poland, Netherlands and Germany and also recently taught an intergenerational group in Warsaw whose aim was to integrate the vintage community with young improvisers. She is also co-founder of Warsaw’s Centralna Spółdzielnia Komediowa, where polish improv groups are performing few times a week.

Monika is also the founder of “The Art Of Yes.” The Art of Yes Facebook page shares improv related links, quotes, and Zoom podcast interviews with improvisers from around the globe. Due to her wide knowledge of the community her recent guests have included Patti Stiles, Susan Messing, Jill Bernard, Jeff Michalski, David Razowsky, Joe Bill, Felipe Ortiz, Shawn Kinley and many more.  

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