TheArtOfYes: Episode 19 – Interview With Robert Lowe

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Robert Lowe is a retired Improvisation elder. He was the founder, and chief executive of Improvisation Incorporated, a pioneering educational consulting firm specializing in the use of Improvisation Theater techniques for organizational development, and for business, professional, and interpersonal communication. 

In his thirty-nine-year exploration of Improvisation, Lowe has been a dancer, a player, a teacher, a director, and a mentor in the uses of Improvisation for purposes beyond performance.

In Atlanta, Georgia he is known as “The Godfather” of Improvisation, having founded and directed the first Improv Comedy Theatre Troupe in Georgia – “The Lightside City Players”, and The Next City Comedy Theatre, the first Improvisational Comedy Theatre in the Southeastern U.S. Robert was a co-founding mentor and teacher of The Let’s Try This Players (Now LTT!) the resident Improvisation Troupe at Georgia Institute of Technology in 1989.

He has taught Improvisation and stand-up comedy, public speaking and presentation, and community and personal advocacy in a variety of venues.

Robert Lowe has been a management consultant, a public speaker, an adjunct university professor, a corporate vice president, a national sales representative, a program analyst, a project director, a welfare supervisor in the San Quentin district of Northern California, a customer service manager in South Central Los Angeles, a U.S. Navy officer, a legal services paralegal and community educator, and a legal secretary. Robert was a teacher with the Department of Communication at Georgia State University for twelve years, specializing in “Human “Communication”, “Public Speaking”, “Business and Professional Communication”, Voice and Articulation”, “Acting I”, and “Special Studies in Improvisation” during which time he received the honor of being named an Outstanding Part-Time Instructor.

Lowe holds the rank of Nidan (second degree black belt), and the status of Fuku Shidoin (teacher) in Aikido, with over twenty-two years on the mat, including more than seven years specializing in teaching children. His articles have been published in “Aikido Today Magazine” and “The Journal of Asian Martial Arts”.

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