HA! S4E12…
No Pain All Gain With Sempronius Scoop

Sempronius Scoop is from the planet of Balderon where exercise and fitness are compulsory and he’s so ripped that he can flex his pecs without even trying.

This Episode’s Guest Improviser

Roberto Lewis as Sempronius Scoop

Roberto is a writer and improviser from San Jose, CA. He performs improv with PUG, Forever Team, and on Ripley Improv’s Heartbeats, an improvised medical drama. Before the pandemic, you would probably find him in the parking lot of a theater somewhere, telling a story and waving his arms a lot. Now, he’s on Zoom.

IG & TW: @BlahBlahGoals

Producers: Mike Gorgone & Bran Peacock
Post-Production Coordination: Mike Gorgone & Bran Peacock
Editor: Mike Gorgone
HA! Logo: Mike Gorgone
Music: “Ben Sound Actionable” and “Ben Sound Sexy” from bensound.com
Sound effects:
Power Up 1 and TOS Communications Static 1 – from trekcore.org
Computer Heart 2 – from freesound.org
Restaurant background and Jazz background – un

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