HA! S2E4…
A Lunchbox For Sessil Smabe

Sessil Smabe takes a break from proudly delivering thank you notes on her home planet of Niptune to have a cozy chat [with us] about lunchboxes and eclairs.

This Episode’s Guest Improviser

Kate Murphy

The Suggestibles
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Kate Murphy is an improviser from Newcastle, England, where she performs with improv comedy group Spontaneous Wrecks and guest-performs from time to time with improv comedy legends The Suggestibles.  

Kate began training at The Suggestibles’ School of Improv in 2014 and performs in their regular shows. In 2019 she also performed at the Newcastle Improv Festival with Spontaneous Wrecks, and in the live podcast 4 1 Night Only.

Mike Gorgone as Trellis Gardeen
Bran Peacock as Horatio Zinn

Producers: Mike Gorgone & Bran Peacock
Post-Production Coordination: Mike Gorgone & Bran Peacock
Editor: Mike Gorgone
HA! Logo: Mike Gorgone
Music: “Ben Sound Actionable” and “Ben Sound Sexy” from bensound.com
Sound effects:
Power Up 1 and TOS Communications Static 1 – from trekcore.org
Computer Heart 2 – from freesound.org
Restaurant background and Jazz background – unknown, but if you know, please tell us so we can credit them!

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