• You Don’t Want an Innovative Culture!

    Hi Fellow UXers, While researching for the upcoming ImprovUX book I am co-writing with Jim Karwisch, I continue to find references that fall along the lines of “innovative culture” or “a […]

  • Using Mindfulness to Unlock Creativity by Mikael Austin

    Welcome to the latest ImprovUX blog post! Today’s post is in relation to and support of an article I saw posted on Medium titled: “Using Mindfulness to Unlock Creativity” By […]

  • “Design Thinking 101” Article Review Part 2

    Hi Everyone! This week’s post is part 2 of my review/take and connections to improv on the article: “Design Thinking 101” by Sarah Gibbons of The Nielsen Norman Group – […]

  • “Design Thinking 101” Article Review Part 1

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  • Connect Tech Recap!

    Jim and I would like to first thank Connect Tech for having us speak at the conference, thank you Pratik (@prpatel) and Vincent (@vincentmayers)! The two of us had a […]