10 Minutes with Michael Ashkar Today Improv

THAT WAS INCREDIBLE IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Michael Ashkar​!!!” Thanks to Iain Luke Jones​ for the suggestion “I’m getting really good at the Welsh language…” Stick around after the scene as we talk about how Michael got into improv, how stand up helps with his performance, how he dabbled in a lot of different things before finding improv. why he’s a social media “lurker”, the awesomeness of Jill Eickmann​ and Leela​ and more. Jill Eickmann reached out to me and suggested Michael and I play together and it was just awesome. I loved how the scene started and ended with two characters and in between we had another scene — full circle. It was so amazing knowing that he had my back even though we had never met before. It was like lightning in a bottle and I want more of that! He’s just such a great energy, calm and confident, and ready to play. Check him out on Facebook, where he rarely posts, follow him on Instagram @mpashkar and check out his Leela team online, until further notice! Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ to check out all the “10 Minutes with…” featuring brilliant improvisors from all over the world, as well as other cool improv stuff.

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