10 Minutes with Diana Brown Today Improv

OH HELL YES!!!! I had so much fun improvising “10 Minutes with Diana Brown.” Thanks to Bob Korin for the suggestion “The view from here is amazing.” Stick around after as we talk about how Diana got into improv, being present, playing characters vs closer to yourself, Sheri L Flanders and more. Diana is just incredible–one of the best character improvisors I’ve ever played with. She is kind, giving and really, really talented. She was just throwing gifts around left and right. She is an incredible listener, supportive and has fun all the time. Plus, audiences just love watching her play. She is pure JOY! Follow her on Facebook, check out her upcoming classes with Leela Improv and the Leela Improv Community (San Francisco), her work with Dan Wilson and Bingewatch’s Improv Triage: treatment lab for your improv… and more! For all the “10 Minutes with..” videos, subscribe at youtube.com/todayimprov

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