10 Minutes with Ofer Shaf Today Improv

I had an AMAZING TIME improvising “10 Minutes with Ofer Shafir.” Thanks to Breeze Geier for the suggestion of “Harmony.” WE DID SOMETHING NEVER DONE ON 10 MINUTES WITH…I saw the suggesiton, Ofer didn’t and after he guessed what it was. I loved that! Stick around the scene as we talk about a whole lot of things, from dialects in scenes, what is the one thing he misses about in person improv, why he feels more comfortable online, following the fear and why improvisors need reps to feel more comfortable. Ofer was recommended to me by Rosanne Nelson, who met him in a jam and spoke glowingly of him. I can’t agree more. He’s so comfortable to play with and gives so many gifts and is willing to take huge risks. He runs The Improv Sweat Shop, free non stop short form games, practiced simultaneously in Zoom break out rooms. Every Tuesday, every week 12PM (London) 1PM (Berlin) 2PM (Moscow) 9PM (Sidney)designed to make you sweat. More info here: https://bit.ly/2NZxmi2​ Follow him on Facebook.

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