10 Minutes with Andel Sudik Today Improv

WHAT A THRILL improvising “10 Minutes with Andel Sudik.” Thanks to Bo Klausen for his suggestion “Tips are Welcome.” Stick around after as we talk about caring less and having more fun, why her center for improv is always changing, why we put more expectation on scenes when you’re first starting out, being introverted and also extroverted and Jill Bernard’s great time out gesture for scenes. Andel is one of those improvisors who audiences and students just love. She is such a unique performer and I just love playing with her as much as I can. She is absolutely FEARLESS, so joyful in her play and always follows the fun. She can make one move in a show and people will remember it for years. She’s that good. Check out her website yesandel.com, follow her on Facebook and Instagram @the_proactive_pessimist.

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