10 Minutes with Rich Baker Today Improv

SO MUCH FUN improvising “10 Minutes with Rich Baker!” Thanks to Sommer Austin for her suggestion of “Pointilism.” Stick around after as we talk about why short form play benefits long form, how to make fun choices and how to make it easier for yourself onstage. Rich is such a joy to play with and his characters are always super fun and bold. He can do it all–short form, long form and even improvised hip hop. He always supports and goes with the flow of what’s happening. Such a joy to play with. Follow him on Facebook Rich Baker Coaching, like and follow his group Rollin’ In Riches (with Rolland Lopez) and check out his website https://www.richcreativecoaching.com/​. Definitely buy his book: Improv Made Easier, a must have for your improv bookshelf.

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