10 Minutes with Thabo Pietersen Today Improv

This was an AMAZINGLY SPECIAL time improvising “10 Minutes with Thabo Pietersen.” Thanks to Andrew Hefler for his suggestion of “Lift-off.” Stick around after as we talk about how to just be, react and don’t act, why we get nervous before we impovise and how when he’s overthinking it, he just turns that right off, Thabo is just so amazing and a wonderful human being. He’s a joy to be around and one of my dearest friends. Hi kindness, empathy and listening ability are what separates him from other performers. He’s in the moment, never wants to add conflict to a scene, and plays with intelligence and joy. Wanna know what the kicker is? He doesn’t understand how amazing of an improvisor he is. Follow him on Facebook and brighten your day.

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