10 Minutes with Patrick Rowland Today Improv

A PURE TREAT improvising “10 Minutes with Patrick Rowland.” Thanks to Ronald Harvey for the suggestion of “love at first sight!” Stick around after the scene as we talk about why he would take a 2 1/2 hr bus ride to teach improv. Patrick is such a good improvisor and I always love playing with him so much. He is so skilled and talented and plays characters as well as anyone around. He brings such heart and takes huge risks every time he hits the stage. Check out his variety show “Barack All Night”, where he hosts as President Obama — next show June 12th at the Westside Comedy Theater virtual theater. Buy your tickets here: https://www.westsidecomedy.com/events…​ Check out his website at PatrickRowland.net, follow him on Facebook, Instagram @prowland76 or email him for all your improv needs: psmoov123@gmail.com

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