10 Minutes with Kaspars Breidaks Today Improv

What a thrill it was improvising “10 Minutes with Kaspars Breidaks.” Thanks to Luīze Beča for the suggestion of “let me read a poem to you.” Stick around after as we talk about being accepting, releasing judgement and enjoying the ride. I love the chances and risks he takes. He is so supportive and one of those genuine players who doesn’t have to hog the spotlight and is as good driving a scene forward as he is knowing when to stay out. He jumps in 100% and always seems like he knows what he’s doing, even though he doesn’t, like all great improvisors. Kaspars is one of the best improvisors in Europe and has a calm confidence about him that makes it easy to play with. The easy way to follow him: Here on Facebook or Instagram: @kbreidaks The hard way? Open Google and type in “naked photographer hugging trees” and someone around the 50th page is his photo project. True stroy.

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