10 Minutes with Craig Uhlir Today Improv

SO MUCH DAMN FUN improvising”10 Minutes with Craig Uhlir.” Thanks to Sarah McGillion for the suggesiton “it behooves you to have a diversified portfolio.” Stick around after the scene as we talk about his two man group with Jim Carlson called Middle Aged Comeback, how to take a note in improv, lack of confidence and why advice he was given to not play angry in a scene helped him get work. Craig gets it. He’s extremely fun to watch and to play with. He makes strong moves very quickly and isn’t worried about plot or making logical sense of anything. He plays both short and long form really well and even has a musical improv duo with Stacey Smith. In this scene, we bounced around very quickly to several different characters and it led us to some interesting situations. He’s just the best. Check him out on Facebook and his webstie craiguhlir.com.

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