10 Minutes with Amey Goerlich Today Improv

I was so excited and loved improvising “10 Minutes with Amey Goerlich!” Thanks to Jason Perez for the suggestion of “birds tricked into trees.” Amey is a dear, dear friend and improv partner of mine and she plays such interesting characters and makes so many strong choices. She is a regular cast member of Improv Famous and I just love her to pieces. Along with Terry Withers, they were pioneers in the field of virtual improv. She taught and performed for a long time at UCB New York and now makes her home in LA, teaching with me at M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater. If she’s teaching a class or workshop, do yourself a favor and take it. It will make you better. Follow her her on FB or check out her website for more info:https://improvtraininghub.com/instruc…

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