10 Minutes with Sarah McGillion Today Improv

Had so much fun improvising “10 minutes with Sarah McGillion!” She lives in Copenhagen and is a dear friend and one of the best improvisors around. Thanks to Orla McGovern for her suggesiton of, “Tom Brits?” I loved getting emotional with Sarah in this scene. She is such a physical performer and will commit to anything you put out there. She can do it all–short form, narrative, genre and longform. Anytime I’m doing an online show, I reach out to her first to come play. She’s also doing a lot of interesting audio stuff online, including “Low Point Cemetary” https://bit.ly/3dBsSc9​ Follow her comedy duo If These Walls Could Talk (with Adrian Mackinder) and her FB page https://www.facebook.com/sarahmcgilli…​.

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