10 Minutes with Jonathan Nguyen Today Improv

Had such a fun time improvising “10 Minutes with Jonathan Nguyen​!” Thanks to our mutual friend David Escobedo​ for connecting us. Also, many thanks to Rosanne Nelson​ for the suggestion of “password.” This was a great example of playing the “game of the scene” and could’ve gone on for hours. Jonathan is one of those performers that is so easy to play with because he gives you so many gifts along the way. he makes it look easy, like great improvisors do. My buddy TJ says, regarding improv, “Effort is ugly.” If that’s the case then Jonathan is a beautiful improvisor. Stick around afterwards as we talk about narrative vs. “generic” long form and the importance of names (both in improv and in different cultures.) Follow him on Facebook and like his groups Hoopla Impro​’s house team Michelle, Comediasians​ and Dogface Improv​. The true sign of an improvisor, to me, is who wants to play with you and I can’t wait to play with him again. Thanks, Jonathan!!!

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