10 Minutes with Kevin Gow Today Improv

I really loved improvising “10 Minutes with Kevin Gow, based on the suggestion of “eye contact” Helen PaImer. Kevin is a great improvisor and teacher and he makes it so easy to play with. He makes so many strong choices and definitely played point of view very well. Stick around for after the scene where we talk about Viola Spolin, our origins into improv, and his amazing job producing the 2019 Oslo Impro Festival, my “Kristine confusion”, and more. Follow Kevin on Facebook and like his improv group Impro Neuf (https://www.facebook.com/improneuf/​) and Impro Neuf International (https://www.facebook.com/groups/impro…​.) They’re doing FREE online jams, shows and drop ins. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of it.

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