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Jill Bernard and a Giant Leap!

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On today’s episode I speak with Jill Bernard, writer of “The Cute LIttle Book of Improv”, performer of the solo musical improv show “Drum Machine”, and education director of Huge Theatre in Minneapolis. Today we talk about the HUGE Theater fundraiser going on right now! In order to secure the purchase and development of HUGE […]

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Why the Dollop Podcast is Improv Gold

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You’re Listening to the Dollop! The Dollop is a bi-weekly American History Podcast. Every week, I, Dave Anthony read a story to my friend, Gareth Reynolds, who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. On April 21, 2017, I was minding everyone else’s business on Facebook when I saw a post […]


Dollar Shave Club Founder Thanks Improv Classes

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On May 14, 2018, Michael Dubin, Co-founder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club gave a commencement speech for Emory University graduates. In it he credited improv classes for his ability to meet the marketing needs of his new enterprise.  This excerpt starts at 7:43 but the entire speech is worth a listen if you have the […]