10 Minutes with Martin Cohen Today Improv

ARE YOU FORRRR REALLLLL? HAD SO MUCH FUN IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Martin Cohen!!!” Thanks to J Graigory for the suggestion “Misophonia.” Stick around after as we talk about how Marty got into improv, his love for M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater and Santa Monica Playhouse, Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop, playing with people from all over the world, why good people don’t always get the gig, Tina Fey’s audition story, watching yourself perform and more. Marty is so passionate about acting and improv. He was always at the Westside Comedy Theater, whether taking a class or recording a show. He has such a fun time during the scene and it shows. I love puns as much as much as anyone and Martin and I share a love of puns. Also, so fun to do a scene where we weren’t going anywhere and could just enjoy each other’s company. Yay Marty! Follow him on Facebook. Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ for all the “10 Minutes with…” videos from amazing improvisors from all over the world as well as more improv stuff.

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