10 Minutes with Amy Pacheco Jordan Today Improv

10 Minutes with Amy Pacheco Jordan. Thanks to J Graigory for the suggestion “Bunsen Burner.” Stick around after as we talk about a whole lot of things, from how Amy got into improv, to her budding podcast empire with her husband, to her favorite AV podcast, Yes But Why Podcast, adapting to the current situation, finding help with creating and running a podcast and more. Our conversation was flowing so much that it couldn’t be contained to just ten minutes. Amy is so much fun to play with both on and off stage. What I love about her is she is a doer and not just someone who sits back and wait. I loved that our ten minutes went to various worlds pretty seamlessly and then came together at the end. She is so very talented and I knew that no matter what it was going to be good. Every moment was so much fun. Check Amy out on Facebook, definitely check out podcastcadet.com for consultation about all aspects of podcasting, her podcast network https://www.hcuniversalnetwork.com/​ where you can find not only Yes But Why but also some other great podcasts like Talking Sound Podcast and Dudes n Beer and more. Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ for all the “10 Minutes with…” videos from amazing improvisors from all over the world as well as more improv stuff.

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