10 Minutes with Matt Kuznicki
Today Improv

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? THAT WAS SO AMAZING IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Matt Kuznicki!!!” Thanks to Michael Ananins for the suggestion “Haunted House. ” Stick around after as we talk about how Matt got into improv, why I keep trying to pull him back in, how it filled a need in his life, why he is a top 5 New Jersey bullshitter and more. Matt is one of those guys who I was lucky enough to teach and every move he made, I was like, “yes, yes, YES!!!” I think he is just a tremndous improvisor. He has the mindset and timing and fearlessness and can be both hilarious and vulnerable. He is the type of guy who can say one thing and bring the house down. Follow him on Facebook!

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