10 Minutes with Joe Kovach
Today Improv

WHAT AN INCREDIBLY FUN TIME IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Joe Kovach”!!! Thanks to J Graigory for the suggestion ”Catsup.” Stick around after as we talk about how Joe got into improv, his awesome parents, how improv relates to running marathons, my favorite bit on IG which he does, how improv helped improve his life and more. Joe is such a talented guy and he loves improv and comedy. He is so giving and supportive as a scene partner and I’ve yet to see him go negative in a scene or get argumentative — that’s why I love playing with him so much. He makes great moves and furthers the action of the scene. He focuses on his scene partner and tries to make them look good. He is a joy to talk with on stage and even more so off stage. He’s also written a blog post about being an improvisor with Asperger Syndrome that you can read here: https://todayimprov.com/blog/32/Joe-K…​ Follow Joe on Facebook and IG @joevach10. Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ for all the “10 Minutes with…” videos from amazing improvisors from all over the world as well as more improv stuff.

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