TheArtOfYes: Episode 12 – Interview With Felipe Ortiz

FELIPE ORTIZ is a performer, director and teacher interested in exchanging, interacting, playing and sharing experiences with different artists around the world. He’s curious about the body in movement and its possibilities, that’s why he explores it through acrobatics, improvisation, clowning, physical theater and object manipulation to create new forms of expression in performing arts. As a performer he´s been touring around the world with different projects in festivals, companies, and collaborating with artists in these areas. He’s a well known in the international scene as an impro, physical theater and clown teacher. He’s currently working as a clown, acrobatics and impro teacher at the Javeriana University in Bogota. He’s being the artistic director of La Gata Cirko (new circus) for 16 years and has directed and codirected shows in different formats like: the opening ceremony of the world games in Cali and the closing ceremony of the Football FIFA world cup sub-20 in Bogota, and all the shows from the company. He’s one of the founding members of PICNIC – IMPRO and one of the directors of the impro MONKEY FEST in it’s 9th versions. Also one of the creators of SPEECHLESS an improvised show without words that has being touring in more than 15 countries around the world.


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