10 Minutes with M J Kang
Today Improv

OH MY GOD do you want to laugh and cry? Then watch this amazing “10 Minutes with M.J. Kang!!!” Thanks to Michelle J. Gilliam for the suggesiton of “Poetry is just that.” Stick around after as we talk about how M.J. got into improv, how it helps her writing, why we teachers need to take our own advice, why great teachers are huge, standing up for people, improvising with your children and more. And before the scene we talk about the meaning of life. This scene was very emotional and very real. M.J. has such amazing acting chops and focus. We connected very deeply in a short amount of time and the emotions were so real and so strong that I could feel them in the moment, through the lens. It was such a wonderful, moment to moment, beautiful scene–it felt very much like poetry in that regard. It gave me chills. Follow her on Facebook and coming soon–her Instagram account! Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ for all the “10 Minutes with…” videos from amazing improvisors from all over the world as well as more improv stuff.

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