10 Minutes with Jack Bronis Today Improv

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!! IT WAS A TRUE HONOR AND UNBRIDLED JOY improvsing “10 Minutes with Jack Bronis​!!!” Thanks to Michael Ananins​ for the suggestion “I need to stop that wedding.” Stick around after as we talk about how Jack got into improv, John Michalski​ and The Improv Institute, Kevin Reome​, when playing with Scott Goldstein​ became real fun, the Second City faculty jam, dialects and more. I mentioned this in the interview but playing with Jack was a bucket list item for me years ago and now, we are good friends. He is a master of dialects and accents and a true character actor. He is also an amazing actor, teacher and director. This scene was just so fun and easy to play. I love playing mischievous characters who make wrong choices and these two surely did that. I know whatever happens, Jack has my back always. He is one of my all time favorite improvisors and people. Follow him on Facebook! Subscribe to youtbe.com/todayimprov for all the “10 Minutes with…” videos from amazing improvisors from all over the world as well as more improv stuff!

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