10 Minutes with Greta Ferkel Today Improv

I HAD SO MUCH UNBELIEVABLE FUN IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Greta Ferkel!!!” Thanks to Aree Witoelar for his suggestion “Jay you are a machine.” Stick around after as we talk about how Greta got into improv, how we met, the importance of listening, the excitment of the digital space and why improv will always be there if you take a break. Greta is amazing to watch and play with. She is always in the moment, saying yes the whole time. She avoids conflict in scenes, which is a joy, and makes her partner looks good. She just has an improvisor mindset and even though she took a break from improv she is able to jump right back in as if never leaving. I think she’s just so great and I love playing with her. She always has my back. Follow her on Facebook! Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ to check out all the “10 Minutes with…” featuring brilliant improvisors from all over the world, as well as other cool improv stuff.

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