10 Minutes with Matthew Gafney Today Improv

WHAT A THRILL IT WAS improvising “10 Minutes with Matthew C Gaffney!!!” Thanks to Breeze Geier for the suggestion of “Prescience.” Stick around after the scene as we talk about how Matthew got into improv, how improv has helped with his anxiety levels, what a powerful tool follow the follower is, his experience with “The Journey” and more. Matthew is just such a great guy and so so so fun to play with. He will support anything that is thrown his way and he makes such great, strong moves. I’ve know Matthew for years and he has just grown tremendously as an improvisor and teacher. He improvises with such great integrity and knows improv makes you better as a human being. Check out his website https://mattgaffneyexperience.com​. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter @MattGaffEXP Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ from all the “10 Minutes with…” featuring brilliant improvisors from all over the world, plus more improv stuff.

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