10 Minutes with Yulia Beymlina Today Improv

ROCK AND ROLL!!!! SO MUCH FUN AND SO EASY IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Yulia Beymlina!!!” Thanks to Kathleen Kenny for the suggesiton “No dogs allowed.” Stick around after as we talk about how Yulia got into improv, Josh Wilson and Frances Ransome, why being comfortable with the uncomfortable was a huge part of her journey, why this brilliant linguistics professor and fearking Fullbright scholar thought she wasn’t smart enough to be an improvisor, and more. I loved our time together. Right from the start she was yes anding my rock and roll attitude and it was off to the races. We had never met but I reached out to her to play and she said yes. So fun. She is right there in the moment with you and her listening skills were incredible. She also plays attitude really well and gave me so many gifts the whole scene. She has the calm confidence of a veteran performer and there is so much joy to her and her play. I can’t wait to play again!!! Follow her on Faccebook and her group A Big Deal Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ and check out all the “10 Minutes with…” featuring brilliant improvisors from all over the world, as well as other improv stuff.

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