10 Minutes with Nasir Nash
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WOW! AN INCREDIBLE JOY I experienced improvising “10 Minutes with Nasir Nash” Thanks to Manjunatha Channaveerappa for the suggestion “Day and night.”

Stick around after the scene as we talk about how Nasir got into improv with Adam Dow and Unexpected Productions, his evolution and how stepping back and letting the other person take charge helps him ease out of nervousness, why Facebook made him change his name, playing phsyically in the virtual space, helping people understand their own value through improv and what our shared real goal is for improv students.

Nasir is so good. So patient, kind and present. He is the perfect kind of scene partner. I loved playing with him so much. He has a great calm energy about him and never plays flustered. This scene was probably about a third done when I called it but could easily have gone on for a long time. He is such a lovely person and is a wealth of knowledge. He is responsible for spreading the joy of improv to so many people and is so loved in his community. I can’t wait to play with him again.


Follow him on Facebook and check out his website https://www.nasirengineer.com/​ where you can see all his cool workshops. Do yourself a favor and take his workshops–you will learn a lot.

Check out and like his group Improv Comedy Bangalore, who are doing some amazing shows.

And follow him on IG and Twitter: @quirkyrebel

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