10 Minutes with Stephanie Rae Today Improv

INCREDIBLE!!! SO AMAZING AND JOYFUL improvising “10 Minutes with Stephanie Rae.” Thanks to Laxmi Priya for the suggestion “Titanium.” Stick around after the scene as we talk about how she got into improv, the Black Improv Alliance, editing yourself, putting your spin on games, bringing improv to new audiences, not conforming to rules and more. Stephanie is amazingly talented and a huge part of what’s happening in improv. She made such a strong choice at the top of the scene and it was so much fun playing status with Stephanie. When you watch her, she makes it look so easy. Every move she does is like, “of course! That’s the perfect move!” The scene became deeper than either of us intended but I trusted her every step of the way and the scene went where it wanted to go. She is one of those people who has so much to offer the improv ecosystem and I can’t wait to play with her again. Follow her on social media. Also follow her group Black Improv Alliance on IG @blackimprovalliance and Twitter @blackimprovall1 and check out their website www.blackimprovalliance.com For all the “10 Minutes with…” videos featuring amazingly brilliant performers from all over the world, subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ to watch them, plus more improv stuff.

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