10 Minutes with Pete Capella Today Improv

OH HELL YES!!! I HAD SO MUCH FREAKING FUN improvising “10 Minutes with Pete Capella.” Thanks to Nathaniel Montgomery for the suggestion “Losing at halftime.”

Stick around as we talk about all kinds of things, from how Pete got into improv, what advice he would give to both his 18 year old self and people wanting to move to LA with only improv experience, performing hundreds and hundreds of improv shows as a teen on the Jersey Shore, using improv as a working actor in LA, his mountain climbing experience (spoiler alert: it’s a metaphor for his life) and much more. Why you have to give it away and help people. 

I love Pete to death and think he is such a talented performer and a wonderful human being.  Pete just GETS IT. He is so good and so comfortable, both with improv and in front of a camera. He makes such strong decisions and plays from a place of empathy, which also makes him a great actor. He is so playful and joyful and he makes it so, so easy to play with. He adds so many fun details and gifts to the scene that it just shines. His background as an athlete really helps him in the group sport of improv. His wife Ashley Sutton Capella is amazing too and has some great videos on YouTube, including “How to Self Tape on a Budget”. Check it out here:

Also, Karen Graci will appreciate the scene because of the accurate commentary about her beloved Buffalo Bills.

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