10 Minutes with Mirage Thrams Today Improv

I AM OVERJOYED TO HAVE IMPROVISED “10 Minutes with Mirage Thrams!” Thanks to Margot Escott for the suggesiton “Close your eyes.” Stick around after as we talk about how Mirage got into improv her days as a programmer, why scenes are harder when you add unnatural conflict, why she decided to just do things herself, and how we got to know each other (hint hint: it was because of Rama Vallury). Mirage is amazing. She is a talented teacher, performer, director–a true artist. She makes it so easy to play and was giving gifts all day long. There was a trust there from the start and I feel I could do anything with her and she has my back. And she plays relationships, stakes and status the whole time. What an amazingly fun scene! She is also doing some amazing work with Hughie Stone Fish in the world of improv and not just talking about change but making it happen. I really respect what they’re doing so much. Follow her on Facebook and across social media @miragethrams Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ and watch all the “10 Minutes with…” scenes featuring amazing performers from all over the world, plus other improv stuff.

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