10 Minutes with Abhishek Desai Today Improv

ARE YOU FOR REAL? I had so much FUN improvising “10 Minutes with Abhishek Desai!” Thanks to Carlos More for his suggestion “The beauty of sandals.” Stick around after the scene as we talk about how he got into improv, why he’ll always be an engineer, playing for the fun and not to get anywhere, his next brave challenge in improv and MC Hammersmith. Abhishek GETS IT! He is so fluid, so good and you can’t help but to have fun with him. He also played status really well in this scene and I loved his choice for the ending! It was, simply, pure joy and fun. When you improvise with him, you can’t help but follow the fun. Follow him on Facebook and IG (@freefalltofly), his amazingly brilliant troupe Improv Comedy Bangalore (follow them on Twitter and IG: @icbangalore and his equally brilliant improv duo Them with Laxmi Priya (follow them on IG @themonline) Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ for all the “10 Minutes with…” scenes and more improv resources.

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