10 Minutes with Maya Haughton Today Improv

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING MEEEEEE? I had so much incredible joy improvising “10 Minutes with Maya Haughton.” Thanks to Keith S. Williams for the suggestion “Say what!?” Stick around after as we talk about so many things, from being friends with an ex, to why her dog is like a cat, her improv journey that started at 15 and why feeling safe in a show and group is so vitally important. I first saw Maya onstage in Erin Diehl, Gabe Caruso and Allie Keller’s improvsied “The Bachelor” parody show “Will You Accept This Rose?” She blew me away and I couldn’t wait to meet her and, hopefully, play with her one day. She was electric onstage. We talk about how important that show was to her regaining her confidence. I loved this scene because it shows you don’t have to engage in an argument to have fun and build tension and keep it interesting and exciting. She is an amazing teacher as well so be on the lookout for her upcoming classes. Follow her on Facebook, like her page Haughton Funny Business, follow her on Twitter @NotYoMaya, and on IG @haughtonfunnybusiness Subscribe to youtube.com/todayimprov​ for all the “10 Minutes with…” videos

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