10 Minutes with Keith S Williams

WHAT AN INCREDIBLY FUN “10 Minutes with Keith S. Williams!” Thanks to Jonathan Nguyen for the suggesiton “Life does not have a rear view mirror.” Stick around after as we talk about how Keith got into improv, being on the “back 9” of life, changing the world through improv, why when you first start you want to lower the bar of embarrassment, making positive choices,Queen City Comedy, Katy, Improv Comedy Bangalore, Laxmi Priya and more! Keith. Just. Gets. It. He is so giving, so supportive and so FUN. A very talented player. He makes quick decisions like a short form player and makes relationship moves like a long form player. He also played a wonderful “game of the scene” within the scene. He not only “yesses” but he “ands”, which is more important of the two. He made it so easy for me to play with and I can’t wait to play with him again. Follow him on Facebook, like his FB page Better With Improv, on IG and TikTok @bettwewithmprovand on Twitter @BetterImprov.

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