10 Minutes with Michelle J Gilliam Today Improv

OH MY GOODNESS! I HAD SUCH AN AMAZING TIME IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Michelle J. Gilliam!” Thanks Laxmi Priya for the suggestion of “3 ams are so silent.” Stick around after as we talk about short form training, why it doesn’t matter what city you improvise from or trained in and why all mothers love Mike Betette. Michelle is just so freaking talented. She is so supportive and an amazing listener. We met for the first time in person 3 minutes before this scene and this was like improvising with a dear friend I’ve known for a long time. It just goes to show you that if you speak the same language, you can play with anyone I can’t wait to play with her again! She’s a great teacher as well so if you want to be a better improvisor and person, reach out to her and take a class. Check out her website: https://www.improvmke.com/​ Follow her on Facebook and Twitter @missyglilqt. Check out all the “10 Minutes with…” videos at youtube.com/todayimprov

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