10 Minutes with Jonathan Mangum Today Improv

SUCH A BLAST IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Jonathan Mangum.” Thanks to Erin Souza for the suggestion “Days on a calendar.” Stick around after as we talk about his training at Comedy Sportz and SAK Comedy Lab, short form vs long form, if he always looked at improv as fun, the number one tool when performing music improv and learn what advice Jonathan would give his younger self. Jonathan is so skilled and so fun to play with and gives out gifts left and right. He talked about “pimping me” but I disagree–those moves are always gifts. He is all about the joy in play and audiences just love him and his moves. Improvisors love playing with him because he gets that it’s a team sport and he supports as well as leads. You couldn’t ask for a better scene partner. Watch him on “Let’s Make A Deal” (spoiler alert: they recorded those episodes months ago, pre-covid). Follow his hilarious show UJokes on YouTube https://bit.ly/2BAyKoQ​ or Facebook. Follow him on Twitter and Tik Tok @Mangum1 and IG @jonathanmangum.

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