10 Minutes with Yoshee So Today Improv

This was, simply, an incredible (much more than) “10 Minutes with Yoshee So”. Thanks to Genki Jen Kenny for the suggestion of “Ground control to major Tom.” We had an amazing conversation before and after our scene, talking about everything, including why comedy is like compound interest, silver linings with the pandemic, how the playing field is leveled, and more. We also talked about his new podcast with his wife, F the Joneses. Yoshee is one of those people who can do it all–he’s a great improvisor, stand up and producer. He’s so easy to play with and time just flies by. We’ve had great conversations off stage as well. Follow him on Facebook, like his amazing group Red Pill Players on FB and IG: @redpillplayers and his production company Comedy Wit (http://comedywit.com/​) follow them on IG @comedywit

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