10 Minutes with Rolland Lopez Today Improv

OH MY GOD! SO MUCH FUN improvising”10 Minutes with Rolland Lopez.” Thanks to Sommer Austin for the suggestino of “Lecture Hall.” Stick around after the scene as we talk about our college exploits, why Rolland changed his major, how to bring your grade up and more. I love playing with this man. He’s a constant yes machine and goes with whatever is thrown his way. He can play both short and long form and is so playful and fun. He and I did a show once called “Rolland and Jay Have Issues” and it was the most vulnerable I’ve ever seen anyone on stage. He was just incredible Speaking of incredible, follow his awesome two person group with Rich Baker called Rollin’ In Riches. They are doing some really cool online shows, the next July 16th at 6pm PST so check that out. Also, follow him on Facebook, on IG @rollandlopezvoiceactor and Twitter @RollandLopez. And contact him for all your voiceover needs.

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