10 Minutes with Pj Jacokes Today Improv

WOW! WOW! WOW! So much FREAKIN’ FUN improvising “10 Minutes with Pj Jacokes” Thanks to Nathaniel Montgomery for his suggestion “Somebody get that kid a sandwich.” Stick around as we talk about his journey into improv, why there’s a musicality to his play, why PJ separates his social media accounts and why the Detroit Improv Festival is so well loved and respected. PJ is the prodcuer of the Detroit Improv Festival and one of the owners/founders of Go Comedy (https://www.gocomedy.net/​). Check them out for classes and donate to their cause to keep that theater alive. He is good at this! He never seems rushed or nervous and just finds the joy and plays it. He makes strong moves and supports his scene partner all day long. He is just a joy to play with and I can’t wait to play in person with him. This scene was a good example of playing “game of the scene” balanced with relationships and making ourselves look like the fools. He buttoned the scene real nicely too. I just loved it. Follow him on Facebook, IG @jcoax (mostly photos of his kids) and Twitter Pj Jacokes. Donate to Go Theater HERE: https://bit.ly/3eO8BRE

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