10 Minutes with Emma Bird Today Improv

SO WONDERFULLY AMAZING IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Emma Bird.” Thanks to Carlos More for the suggestion of “Invincible.” Stick around after the scene as we talk about why bullies can’t win, conflict in improv, scripted work vs improv, her collaboration with The Adamant Eves, silver linings in improv during the pandemic and getting to live out fantasies from real life. I loved her quote about improv: “Unexpected but really well supported.” Emma is a FREAKING POWERHOUSE improvisor who I, honestly, can’t get enough of. She is so talented, so strong, and I loved her move in the scene that kept us active and “invincable.” She has strong acting chops and I have never seen her judge anything when she improvises. She makes quick moves and supports so much. It was a joy and a breeze playing with her. She is also a FANTASTIC teacher so please, check out her classes. Follow her on Facebook. Also follow her group Liverpool Comedy Improv on FB, Twitter and IG: @LivComedyimprov.

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