10 Minutes with Maggie Nolan Today Improv

SO MUCH AMAZING FUN IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Maggie Nolan” Thanks to Lauren Baumbauer for the suggestion “Espresso or no go.” Stick around as we talk about Maggie’s first date (and the one with her husband), smoking, Joanne Cloonan, online teaching and more. Maggie is INCREDIBLY talented and we became friends because of that rockstar David Escobedo. She is so gracious with her gifts, plays wonderfully strong characters and emotional point of view and embraced the silence with me. She gets it. She’s also an amazing improv teacher and really loves the work. She is such a blessing and a joy and I CANNOT WAIT to play with her again. I fel this scene could’ve gone on for ever and ever. It was easy and sublime. #AwkwardTension#FirstDate​ Follow her on Facebook and also her group Start With A Yes. She is such a blessing!

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