10 Minutes with Balasree Viswanatha Today Improv

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!???? ARE! YOU! KIDDING! ME! SO MUCH FUN IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Balasree Viswanathan”!!! Thanks to Kristen Brookes for the suggestion on “Monopoly.” Stick around after the scene as we talk about her journey into improv from the world of engineering and how she didn’t want to quit, even though she played with some real asshole who asked her to cosign their BS on stage. We also talk about playing with joy, what is the icing on the improv cake, musical improv and her great phrase that applies to both improv and life, “Be Your Own Compass”!!! We also talk about vulnerability in improv and why people should stop bashing onine improv and embrace it for what it is instead of longing for what it is not. Balasree is brilliant. She is amazing and plays with such joy and is INFECTIOUS! She’s one of those players that make it safe for everyone to play. She is smart, makes such strong moves and doesn’t wait for things to happen. She also loves taking little detours in scenes, which I love to do as well. I can’t say enough about what an amazing performer and person she is. Follow her on Facebook, also like and follow Improv Comedy Bangalore, The Adamant Eves, her improv duo with Laxmi Priya and more! Also check out her episode on “Yes but Why?” here: https://yesbutwhypodcast.com/yes-but-…

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