10 Minutes with LeWayne Bü Dē McQueen Today Improv

I had SO MUCH FREAKING FUN improvsing “10 Minutes with LeWayne Bü-Dē McQueen.” Thanks to Nathaniel Montgomery for the suggestion “Winter Play Director”. Stick around after as we talk about finding your voice, what it’s like to be Native American in the improv scene, Liz Allen, Paul Mattingly and how Buddy got into improv. I loved playing with Buddy. He’s all about the fun and it was so easy and comfortable, like we knew each other already. He is very skilled and we met right before this scene. Shows that as long as you speak the same yes and, you can play with anyone. I can’t wait to play with him again. Follow him on improv, his musical improv group, check out his Patreon page to take classes and see shows https://www.patreon.com/BuddyMcQueen​, on IG @buddymcqueenjr, on YouTube, Tik Tok and on Twitter @theBuDeMcQueen

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