10 Minutes with Jeanette Baity Today Improv

I LOVED IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Jeanette Baity!” Thanks to Rosanne Nelson for her suggestion of “Coincidence.” Stick around after the scene as we talk to this EMMY WINNER about her family’s Vaudeville roots, Ira Glass, having the imposter syndrome combined with being a perfectionist. We also talk about her journey to improv and performance, including stops along the way in puppetry and toys. Jeanette is an amazing performer. She can do it all–stand up, improv, acting, singing. She has an ease about her when she performs and plays fun characters that are a joy to watch. She also played status a ton during this scene, which is such a strong choice. She also designs toys for Hasbro. How cool is that??? Follow her on Facebook or IG @baitylady but DEFINITELY do not go to her website jeanettebaity.com.

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