10 Minutes with Ankica Anki Milic Today Improv

Wow Wow WOW! So much fun improvising “10 Minutes with Ankica Anki Milic!” Thanks to Meng Wang for the suggestion “Muscular philosophist.” Stick around after as we talk about her experience with Theatre of the Oppressed, how improv saved her life, and what her phrase “treat myself with bravery” means. Ankica is so warm and positive and her great energy just flows. It was so easy to play with her. She makes such strong choices and focuses on relationship and emotions. It was so easy to improvise this scene and it seemed effortless. She also did a great move and went back to the beginning at the end and it was a full circle scene. So much FUN! And any time I get to cry in a scene is a great scene to me. Follow Ankica Anki Milic here on Facebook or check out her online classes https://www.meetup.com/ImprovSTAR/

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