10 Minutes with Laxmi Priya Today Improv

What an AMAZING time improvising “10 Minutes with Laxmi Priya” Thanks to Malcolm Carvalho for the suggestion of “Collector of dreams.” Stick around as we talk about dreams, using improv for change, how your view of the outcomes of improv scenes change the more you do it and listening to your body instead of your brain when you improvise, Laxmi is so, so UNBELIEVABLY talented and doesn’t even know it yet. I was lucky enough to teach a workshop for one of her groups, which you definitely should “like” and follow Improv Comedy Bangalore, and saw immediately how good she was. She is so physical and emotional and totally commits to everything. She took the suggestion and made a strong choice that got us going. I love playing with Laxmi so much–she constantly gives gifts and supports while adding her own magic to the scene. Tune in and watch her perform with Improv Comedy Bangalore (https://www.icbangalore.com/​) and also The Adamant Eves, India’s first and only active all-women’s improv ensemble. Made up of women from every walk of life, The Eves are adamant about one thing – Doing great improv. Follow her on IG @laxmpriyasn

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