10 Minutes with Karla O’Bryant Dingle Today Improv

Improvising “10 Minutes with Karla O’Bryant Dingle” was SO MUCH DAMN FUN!!! Thanks to Bo Klausen for the suggestion on “Tuition is free.” Stick around after the scene as we talk about taking advantage of all the online improv, grandparents, fangirling over Paul Vaillancourt and how improv brings joy! Karla is so, so freaking talented and I don’t know if she realizes it. Karla has some amazing acting chops and it was so great to play with her. She took really good care of me in the scene and I love her earnestness and vulnerability. She is so fun to play with and fun to watch! Follow her on Facebook, Instagram (@odingle), like Acting Out Studio (check out their page here: https://actingoutstudio.com/dt_team/k…​) and check out queencityimprov.com.

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